Peer-Reviewed Articles

Shannon Malone Gonzalez, Samantha J. Simon, and Katie Kaufman Rogers. Forthcoming in Law & Society Review. “The Diversity Officer: Police Officers’ and Black Women Civilians’ Epistemologies of Race and Racism in Policing.”

*Honorable Mention: ASA Section on Racial and Ethnic Minorities Graduate Student Paper Award

Under Peer Review

Katie Kaufman Rogers. “Breaking the ‘Grass’ Ceiling? Women, Race, and Legitimacy in the U.S. Cannabis Industry.” [Under Review]

*Winner: ASA Section on Drugs & Society Graduate Student Paper Award
*Winner: Sociologists for Women in Society Cheryl Allyn Miller Award

Book Chapters in Edited Volumes

The Routledge Handbook of Post-Prohibition Cannabis Research  book cover

Katie Kaufman Rogers. 2022. “Images of Gender and Race in Cannabis Legalization Campaigns in the United States,” in The Routledge Handbook of Post-Prohibition Cannabis Research, edited by Dominic Corva and Joshua S. Meisel. Routledge.


Books on Pedagogy

Katie Rogers and Julia A. Simms. 2014. Teaching Argumentation: Activities and Games for the Classroom. Bloomington, IN: Marzano Research. Vocabulary for the New Science Standards (Essentials for  Principals) (9780991374892): Robert J. Marzano, Katie Rogers, Julia A.  Simms: Books

Robert J. Marzano, Katie Rogers, and Julia A. Simms. 2015. Vocabulary for the New Science Standards. Bloomington, IN: Marzano Research.




Public Writing on Sociology

Katie Kaufman Rogers. “Corporate #BlackLivesMatter Statements: Never Solidarity.” Racism Review (June 27, 2020).

Katie Kaufman Rogers. “When White Men Can Dance: Race, Masculinity, and Jock Insurance.” UTAustinSOC: Graduate Sociology Blog (January 24, 2016).

Katie Kaufman Rogers. “SXSW, #GamerGate, and Gendered Boundary Policing.” UTAustinSOC: Graduate Sociology Blog (November 3, 2015).